International Feature Film Co-Production

New Zealand is globally regarded as an innovative dynamic filmmaking destination, and with government incentives to help boost film production here, there are a lot of employment opportunities available. Panpac works with local and international production companies to provide premium film resources that firmly establish our place in the global filmmaking industry.

International Non-Feature Film Co-Production

Dramas, documentaries and reality television are increasing in popularity, and Panpac bridges the gap between the New Zealand and global non-feature markets. With a strong background in the Asian non-feature film market, particularly China and Singapore, Panpac offers funding, producing and distribution services alongside the government’s filmmaking incentive scheme.

Aerial Cinematography

We think New Zealand is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and when it’s shot from above, it’s no exception. Panpac shoots picture-perfect aerial footage of anything from scenery and infrastructure to sporting events and concerts, which is available for use in projects like feature films, documentaries, television shows, commercials or promo videos. It’s all shot on the latest UAV system from Shotover Camera Systems that comes with a unique U1g gyro-stabilised gimbal which can make even the shakiest aerial shot smooth and stable.

Digital Special Visual Effects

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, Avatar and King Kong are just some of the famous feature films that have used New Zealand studios to produce their digital special effects. Panpac works closely with local studios to deliver superior digital special effects for any film projects. We also offer visual reality videos for education and tourism organizations, which is a digital tool that’s becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Film Distribution

Panpac’s strong filmmaking network makes it easy to export quality New Zealand films to overseas markets, as well as introduce international films to New Zealand audiences. Panpac’s aerial archive library is currently under construction, and aims to become the international archive trading hub of the future.